Protocol Seven

Always Be Running

Format for December 2018: NRDB


  • Revised Core Set x3

Big Boxes:

  • Creation and Control
  • Order and Chaos
  • Data and Destiny
  • Terminal Directive
  • Reign and Reverie


  • All That Remains
  • Blood Money
  • Blood and Water
  • Council of the Crest
  • Daedalus Complex
  • Democracy and Dogma
  • Down the White Nile
  • Earth's Scion
  • Escalation
  • Fear the Masses
  • Intervention
  • Kala Ghoda
  • Kampala Ascendent
  • Salsette Island
  • The Underway
  • The Universe of Tomorrow
  • Up and Over
  • Upstalk

Upcoming Changes for Shits Fuarked Yo 2018:

Coming soon!

What is Protocol Seven?

"No matter where you go, everybody's connected." - Lain Iwakura

For many of us, Fantasy Flight Games' Living Card Game Android: Netrunner was more than simply a card game. The term Lifestyle Game has been thrown around a lot, but is truer for no other community than that of ANR. Without the influx of things to discuss each month, it may seem likely that the community will die, however this is only true if we let it happen.

With the cancellation of many players favourite game, and no real replacement anywhere on the horizon, all that's left is to create our own points of discussion. Many players are working on custom cycles to expand the card pool, however one Chris Hay of the small and oft ridiculed meta from Dunedin, New Zealand has come up with a solution; an everchanging format using the current completed card pool.

How does it work?

"One theory says that man is a neoteny and is no longer able to evolve. If this is true, then what an absurd creature mankind has evolved into." - Eiri Masami

Protocol Seven is an attempt at a constantly evolving metagame. Rather than relying on an influx of new cards every month, Protocol Seven relies on a monthly rotation schedule. This allows discussion of a new metagame every month for the forseeable future.

A month's format in Protocol Seven will at any time consist of the following:

This website will automatically update with the latest format, as well as a preview of the next months changes. This allows discussion, an ever-changing metagame, whilst also keeping the card pool similar enough between months that decks can be altered rather than completely remade.

The Protocol Seven Protocol

"But a protocol is nothing more than a simple agreement." - Eiri Masami

A comprehensive description of the Protocol Seven format